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MegaView - Stáhněte si MegaView, verze 12.0

V současné době nemáme žádnou recenzi programu MegaView ve verzi 12.0. Pokud chcete na tento program napsat recenzi, pusťte se do toho, pošlete ji a my ji tu velice rádi zveřejníme.

The MegaView application allows for efficient and complete viewing of image files as well as all multimedia files and formats, for example MPEG, MP3, and M4A. The MegaView program allows for easy solutions for users to view text and other file formats as well. If you are indeed looking for a program that allows you to effectively view images and documents in text format, then consider downloading MegaView.
The application can be downloaded easily. The application’s complex and sophisticated features designed for advanced file viewing are complemented by its various file tracking and monitoring options which also include data distribution options. Some of the main features of MegaView include a slideshow option which you can use to look at files in different orders and multi-show options with more than one image. The program provides you batch processing conversion and manipulation.
Some of the major benefits of MegaView are that you can create thumbnail sheets and different file lists. Plus, you can also put a password on all your images securing them. You can also add text details defining all your image files and include various bookmarks so that you can quickly access all your favorite images.
All in all, the MegaView application can be quite useful.


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